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Understanding the development of alumina

Data show that China is the world's largest producer of alumina, the global alumina production in 2010 was 56 million 355 thousand tons, China's alumina production reached 28 million 955 thousand tons, an increase of 20.14%, accounting for the global proportion of 51.38%. The apparent consumption reached 33 million 210 thousand tons in 2010 China alumina, the annual growth rate of 14.05%, net imports of 4 million 260 thousand tons, bauxite imports amounted to 30 million 190 thousand tons, external dependence is 39.71%, the degree of dependence on foreign alumina reached 47.26%.

With the rapid development of China's electrolytic aluminum, ceramics, medicine, electronics, machinery and other industries, there is still much room for growth in the market demand for alumina, alumina production will continue to grow. With the China alumina production data of 2005-2010, is expected in 2011 China alumina production will reach 33 million tons, a growth rate of 14%, 2012 will continue to grow in 2011 on the basis of production will exceed 38 million tons

In addition, in view of China's construction in the construction area continued to grow significantly, and due to the continuous implementation of urbanization, the future prospects of aluminum is very optimistic. China's alumina demand is expected to grow 15% to 38 million 190 thousand tons in 2012, alumina demand in 2011 will reach 42 million tons, an increase of 10%.

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