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What preparation should be done before filling?

The filling process should be based on the type of filler and the packing of different manufacturers, the manufacturer or its agent to fill the packing and install the corresponding parts, generally one of the conditions of purchase

The packing of all the manufacturing plants, generally require detailed maintenance methods and precautions. When the work is not stipulated in the contract, it may not be guaranteed. In this case, it is necessary to send experienced technicians to supervise the work. Otherwise it is difficult to find the loading method is wrong, resulting in poor performance

Before the installation process and drive, should try to avoid the dirt, debris or corrosive gases into the tower.

The tower (diameter greater than 10~15ft or 3-5M), especially should pay attention to the tower requires several installation personnel to disperse packing. Work in accordance with the correct loading process, can minimize the compression of the filler, which can not be ignored

If the packing is pressed a greater extent than the supplier or permit the user level, will be more than expected in the volume of the filler (assuming can get so much, to meet a predetermined packing) packing height requirements. At this time, the pressure drop and the efficiency will be higher than the predetermined value. More importantly, the rest of the other bed tower filler is less. It may therefore be necessary to add additional packing, delay the driving time, or reduce the bed height

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